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Skidmore College
Dean of the Faculty/Vice President for Academic Affairs

Faculty Student Summer Research

Skidmore's Summer Faculty Student Research Program provides students with a unique opportunity to work with faculty on original research in disciplines ranging from biology to management and business, including English, physics, dance and economics.
The program offers students the chance to spend 5 or 10 weeks in the lab or the classroom immersed in research, to gain a hands-on appreciation for scholarly work. Outcomes of the summer collaboration vary—for some students, the summer provides a foundation upon which to build a senior or an honors thesis; for others, the research could lead to published results in a peer-reviewed academic journal. Skidmore alumni who have continued their education in graduate school have reported that experience as researchers has given them distinct advantages as scholars.
For information on applying for the Faculty Student Summer Research Program, visit the Faculty Development pages.

The Faculty Student Summer Research Program is part of the Zankel Experience Network (ZEN). ZEN was established in 2020 by Jimmy Zankel ’92 and Pia Scala-Zankel ’92 to encourage the support of like-minded donors who hope to expand Skidmore’s commitment to experiential learning, including the Faculty Student Summer Research Program, Summer Experience Fund and a new Mentoring Program.

We would like to thank the following donors and funding agencies for their support of our collaborative research efforts and the Faculty Student Summer Research Program: 

Alumni, Family, and Friends

  • Marlene Oberkotter Fowler ’61
  • Ralph Garboushian '92
  • Stephanie and Steven Kasok, Parents ’16
  • Jim Lippman and Linda Friedman Lippman ’82
  • Richard A. Mellon ’87
  • Margaret Williams Page ’43
  • Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Woodcock, Parents ’96
  • Axelrod-Porges Scholars
    Established in 2006 by Felicia Axelrod ’62 and Robert Porges to support faculty-student teams in the area of the sciences.
  • Schupf Scholars
    Established in 2008 by Sara Lubin Schupf ’62 to support summer faculty-student research with a preference given to students pursuing projects in the STEM disciplines. Schupf Scholars are selected beginning the summer after their freshman or sophomore year. Schupf Scholars may access additional funding for travel to meetings and conferences as well as for research supplies and expenses during their continuing research with faculty during their academic career at Skidmore.
  • Weg Scholars
    Established in 2010 by Carol Little Weg ’64 and Ken Weg and awarded with a preference for students pursuing projects in the sciences and social sciences.


  • Caney Fork Farms
  • W.M. Keck Foundation  
  • Rathmann Family Foundation
  • The Charles Slaughter Foundation
  • The GKV Foundation
  • The GRAMMY Foundation
  • The National Institutes of Health
  • The National Science Foundation
  • The Senft Family Fund
  • The Skidmore Scholars in Science and Mathematics (S3M) Program
  • University of Massachusetts Boston

Applications, Forms and Reports

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